Can I get contraception through the mail?

Reproductive Health

A: Yes! Getting contraception through the mail is a safe and secure alternative to seeking out contraception in person.

Getting contraception through the mail is a great alternative to in-person care. It’s easier and faster, especially in areas of the country where women’s health clinics are not widely available. Right now, to get a prescription, you need to see a clinician. That usually means taking time off work and waiting for the appointment. And, for people without insurance, these services could save them money.

Many online sites offer several options, including the ring, patch, and birth control pill. Some allow you to use your own prescription if you already have one, while some require an appointment with a clinician to write the prescription. In addition, contraception by mail offers you privacy and most companies include free shipping and discreet packaging.

You might be thinking: But is it really safe to get birth control through the mail? The answer is yes. Research has shown that getting birth control through the mail is as safe as getting it the traditional way through a local clinician. Most online sites that offer birth control allow for consultation with a clinician and standardized questionnaires to find out about other medications you are taking or conditions you have that might make a certain form of birth control unsafe.

Despite this generally being a good option, it’s important to do your research by visiting different sites to compare. Prices vary by site. Some companies have age restrictions, some don’t accept insurance and some don’t provide their services in all states. Additionally, some companies don’t actually prescribe — you must transfer an existing birth control pill prescription from your health care provider to use their service.

If you are already using hormonal methods of birth control, getting your birth control through the mail is a great option. It can save you time and money in some cases. If you are looking to start or change your birth control, you may want to explore your options first. Birth control options counseling is often available via telemedicine.

Of course, if you have any concerns or you have a complex medical history, you may want to find a clinician in your community to discuss this with before buying birth control online. The reason is simply that a local clinician may know you better and have a better perspective on what you need and what’s best for you. As always, if you have any doubts, always check with a clinician.

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