Can I take my kids to the playground if no one else is there?

Families/Kids Infection and Spread Staying Safe

A: Not a great idea.

The problem is this: Kids lick things. Kids also put their hands all over the playground equipment (as they are supposed to do!) and those hands also go in their mouths and noses and eyes.

So, your kid will be licking and touching stuff that other (possibly sick) kids have licked and touched. And, if your kid is sick, then kids who come along afterwards might lick and touch and pick up the virus that way.

As we learn more about asymptomatic carriers, it appears that kids may be particularly likely to be asymptomatic carriers, so relying on a rule where you keep the kid home if they are looking or feeling sick is not effective.

While we’ve got you: A quick reminder about the difference between asymptomatic and presymptomatic cases:

Asymptomatic: Cases who never show symptoms of COVID-19 throughout the course of the disease.

Presymptomatic: Cases who are infected and are not yet showing symptoms of COVID-19, but who will develop symptoms eventually.

Both asymptomatic and presymptomatic cases may be infectious, meaning they are shedding virus and can infect others.

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