Those Nerdy Girls’ Goals for 2024


Dear Nerdy Girl Community,

As 2023 draws to a close and with the first few months of my role as Executive Director behind me, we have been reflecting on where Those Nerdy Girls has been. But now I’d like us to think about where we are going. And it is certainly exciting!

My goal in these last few months of 2023 was to get the lay of the land, including speaking with members of our amazing community to get input and feedback. My plan for 2024 is to build on the wonderful impact we have already had and grow our reach. Here are some of our key priorities for 2024:

🔸 Diversify our writer group, actively recruiting more women scientists of color to our team. We are looking into partnerships with several historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) to help with this recruitment effort.

🔸 Compensate our writers. You may have heard about this during the Giving Tuesday campaign. We are committed to compensating our writers for their hard work and remarkable output, and we are getting closer to this goal with your support. We are deeply grateful for this team and want to make sure everyone continues to feel valued.

🔸 Make strides toward sustainability. Our future depends on our ability to thrive with a solid financial foundation beneath us. This includes building on our existing Substack subscription membership, securing more recurring donations, and solidifying our earned revenue stream. To this end, we also plan on developing a standard plain language science communications training workshop that can be utilized by a range of stakeholders.

We are so excited to have you all with us on this journey. As we launch Those Nerdy Girls to the next phase, we are deeply grateful for your support, readership, and encouragement. We would never have come this far without you, and we can’t wait to advance our mission next year with you alongside us.

With best wishes for a joyous and peaceful holiday season,