Those Nerdy Girls chosen as a case study by WHO

Women in STEM

🎉 Those Nerdy Girls were recently honored to be chosen as a case study by the World Health Organization (WHO) for innovative science communication during the COVID-19 pandemic!

“The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the importance of translating science in a timely and accessible manner to different audiences. As the pandemic progressed, the evidence evolved and resulted in changing public health recommendations. In times of such high uncertainty, people require answers to how to best protect themselves and their close ones.”

⬆️ We couldn’t have said it better ourselves– this was and continues to be Dear Pandemic’s mission.

✨ The need for credible, relatable health information continues. The Nerdy Girls are staying right here to help you stay safe and stay well!

Dear Pandemic Case Study

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We also want to give a shout-out to our many fellow science communicators who heeded this call and we count as dear Nerdy friends: Impact You Can Know Things Unbiased Science Podcast Friendly Neighbor Epidemiologist Your Local Epidemiologist Unambiguous Science Science Whiz Liz SciMoms Your Friendly Neighborhood Epidemiologist Fueled by Science

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