What is Kawasaki disease? Is it linked to Covid-19 in children?

Clinical Symptoms

A: Kawasaki disease is a rare inflammatory condition that affects children, typically under 5 years of age.

Cases of Kawasaki-like illness, currently referred to as Pediatric Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome, appear to be linked to Covid-19 infection. This condition remains a very rare complication of Covid-19 in children and teenagers. Further tracking and study is required.

Here are key pieces of information:

– This remains a very rare condition in children and adolescents

– To date, nearly all children who have had this condition recover with treatment

– Presenting SYMPTOMS include persistent fever, rash, redness in the soft tissues of the eye, lips, and mouth, swelling of the hands or feet, and swollen lymph nodes

– The TIMING of this syndrome appears to occur days to weeks after infection with Covid-19

– TREATMENT is required with medications that calm the immune system like immunoglobulins and steroids

– In SEVERE CASES, blood vessels and the heart can become enlarged resulting in drops in blood pressure and trouble getting enough blood to organs. Even severe cases appear responsive to treatment

– If your child presents symptoms, you should call your medical provider immediately

Check out this NPR article for additional details.

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