I got the hand washing down, but what do I do with my clothes?

Staying Safe

A: The new coronavirus can live on your clothes. Here are some tips on keeping your clothes virus free.

1 – INSIDE CLOTHES AND OUTSIDE CLOTHES. Keep clothes you wear on trips to the food store, work, or nature separate from the clothes you wear in your home. This includes your shoes.

2 – WASHABLE FABRICS ARE YOUR FRIEND. Opt for easily washable fabrics you can put in a washing machine for the foreseeable future.

3 – HOT. This is a good time to use hot water washes and the dryer, especially if you or a housemate are sick.

4 – GIVE YOUR OUTERWEAR SOME LOVE – Remember to launder your gloves, coats, and scarfs when they come into contact with highly touched surfaces.

5 – SHARED LAUNDRY – social distancing rules apply + wiping down laundry baskets, shared surfaces, and your hands before, during, and after.

Here’s a helpful summary from Huffington Post for more information.

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