While London-based Nerdy Girl Jenn nervously watches exponential case growth in the UK, some beams of light are coming through the mist ☀️. In fact, this picture just made my FRIDAY!
Hospitalizations and deaths always lag behind COVID-19 cases. But even taking that into account, the trajectories for this “3rd wave” in the UK looks much better (see figure).
Thanks to the vaccines, hospitalizations and deaths are creeping up but *so far* much less so than before.


💉 The UK is HIGHLY vaccinated compared to many other countries: 85.5% of adults with one dose and 63.1% of adults with two doses. There has also been very high vaccine uptake at the most vulnerable older ages.

🔥High case numbers are still like playing with fire. Each infection has the potential for Long Covid, as well as giving the virus more lottery chances to create new mutations/variants.

➡️ The link has been weakened, but not broken. Hospitalizations and deaths are still trending up.


🙏 Despite quickly rising cases, the vaccine wall is holding up in the UK, protecting people from severe disease and death. THANK YOU SCIENCE!!!

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