Trust vs. Truth

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I’m one of Those Nerdy Girls who is *not* a scientist, clinician, or researcher. As a retired teacher, I have been honored to have a place as COO of this amazing group for the past year. I am in awe of the power and strength of our entire Nerdy Community each and every day. Nerdy Girls Drs. Malia Jones and Lindsey Leininger recently presented on Dear Pandemic at the WHO Global Conference on Communicating Science. Part of the presentation was about trust being everything in communication (see link below), and that really hit home with me when I thought about the powerful group that has flourished here.

People trust:

📗 Personal stories

🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏽 People they know

🚴 Relatable strangers (people they may not know well but with whom they share hobbies, interests, etc.)

People trust and share *personal* messages, and trust in the messenger is actually more important than the actual content. We tend to believe friends and people in our social networks when they share things on social media even more than we trust experts. Therefore, trust is central to the problem of the infodemic and also essential to its solution.

That’s where *you*, our readers, enter the picture. *You* are those trusted messengers in your community. *You* are trusted in your children’s school community, in your place of worship, in your neighborhood, in your family, in your workplace, and so many more places. Your reach is wide. Never, ever underestimate your power to effect change, to battle the infodemic on the frontlines, and to spread credible information based on science in all your spheres of influence. You are a mighty force, and all Those Nerdy Girls recognize and value that.

Stay safe. Stay sane. Share your knowledge.

Nerdy Girl Gretchen

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