What else do I need to know about my risks as my state reopens?

Reopening Staying Safe

A: The nerdy girls have answered several questions about this topic recently, but we love another amazing smart lady’s interpretation (#DrLeanaWen), detailed here with a few more pearls.

1-Relative risk: For COVID-19, this is determined by type of activity, duration of activity, and how close you are to other people (see our previous posts). The key message: prefer outdoor activities, keep interactions brief, and space yourselves from other people.

2-Pooled risk: If your friends/family are low risk, you are probably safe to get together.

3-Cumulative risk: More interactions=more risk. Minimize number of people with whom you interact.

4-Collective risk: What is the risk in your locality? If higher risk, there could be more people around who are infected. So, wear your mask and distance!

If you will be returning to work, it is recommended that you:

1) Ensure good workplace policies;

2) Perform great hand hygiene;

3) Minimize risk (don’t take public transportation if you can avoid);

4) Telework if you can; and

5) Take extra caution around those at home with additional risks (like elderly parents).

And if your state is reopening, it doesn’t mean that you have to go out! You can continue to reduce the risks to your family and also help protect others!

Finally, we love the collective thinking towards how to #OpenSafely while we continue to #StayHome .


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