Paxlovid is an underused weapon against COVID. Make a plan now!

Infectious Diseases Treatments

Covid cases are on the rise in many countries.

If you are over 50 or have another risk factor, MAKE A PLAN today for when you test positive for COVID-19.


💥 Paxlovid is an oral antiviral pill that stops the virus that causes COVID-19 from making copies of itself in your body.

💥 Don’t be afraid of “rebound.” Rebound of COVID symptoms can happen whether you take Paxlovid or not.

💥 Paxlovid is highly effective at what matters—keeping you out of the hospital and ALIVE. Paxlovid helps for both unvaccinated AND vaccinated people.

💥 Paxlovid may also prevent Long Covid.

💥 Most drug-drug interactions can be safely managed by your clinician.

➡️ Updated boosters are on the horizon for Sept/Oct, but in the meantime #Paxlovid is a great way to drive your risks as low as possible of you should get infected.

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