📣 Have you heard about the new covid.gov website?

Masks Testing and Contact Tracing Treatments Vaccines

Yes! ✋🏾 We have! ✋🏾 It is still early, but it is pretty neat from a nerdy girl standpoint.

It helps people get a lot of questions answered in one place. We tried it out and especially thought it was helpful to order free COVID-19 tests and to find COVID-19 treatment once someone receives a positive COVID-19 test. It was also helpful to find CDC information such as risk levels in your community. Link here.

📩 Here’s what it is: A one 🛑 stop 🛑 shop for COVID-19 information in the U.S. that will be updated regularly. Link here.

✅ A place to find information on the following:

-Masks (Which masks are best and where to get them)
-Treatments if you have COVID-19 (Where to find treatments like Paxlovid)
-Information about common questions (links to the CDC)
-Where to get vaccines and boosters
-A link to order COVID-19 tests
-Where to have a COVID-19 test
-CDC risk levels for your location

☹️ Here is what it is not: A guarantee about availability of services you are seeking.

❌ Not a place to find information on the following:

-Medical advice
-Guaranteed supplies or treatments
-Direct connection to treatments or services (some of the service finders for COVID-19 treatment ask you to call your health care provider before going)

It is still early to tell how useful this will be for most people. We are happy that the site is more accessible with information in Spanish and simplified Chinese. There is also a number to call if you need help (1-800-232-0233; TTY: 1-888-720-7489).

We look forward to seeing how people use this website in the days and weeks to come and hope it empowers people with the information they need most right now.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Those Nerdy Girls

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