Call for 4th Nerdyversary Artwork Submissions


As part of our 4th Nerdyversary celebration, Those Nerdy Girls is putting together an art exhibit. Yep! That’s right! An art exhibit.

Based on this article in Science, we are asking for artwork submissions in response to the question “What does a scientist look like?”

We would love to have our readers ask the children in their lives to answer that question in a drawing and send it to us at [email protected]. Here are the details:

✅ Drawings should be done with the paper in portrait position, not landscape.

✅ Please do not have the name of the artist on the drawing. The art exhibit will be anonymized so the names of the artists will not be posted.

✅ Scan or take a picture (also in portrait position) of the drawing. Please do your best to have it fill the frame and be sure it’s well-focused.

✅ Email it to the address above.

Deadline for submission is March 12.

We can’t wait to see the masterpieces your kids create!