Nerdy Girls Live 06/17/24 – The Ins and Outs of Cancer Screening

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Those Nerdy Girls discuss the ins and outs of cancer screening. Which cancers should you get screened for? What are the pros and cons? Why do screening guidelines keep changing?

Hosted by:
– Sarah Coles, MD: TNG Contributing Writer, Family physician and Assistant Professor

– Chana Davis, PhD: TNG Contributing Writer & Founder of Fueled by Science

➡️ 0:00 – 1:04 Welcome and Intros

➡️ 1:05 – 1:39 What are the goals of cancer screening?

➡️ 1:40 – 3:21 How does screening differ from diagnosis?
Are screening tests and diagnostic tests the same thing?

➡️ 3:22 – 6:12 How many lives has cancer screening saved in the last 25 years in the US?
The aggregate value of cancer screenings in the United States: full potential value and value considering adherence

➡️ 6:13 – 16:25 What are the potential harms of cancer screening?

➡️ 16:26 – 18:37 Which cancers can be screened for in North America?
U.S. Preventative Services Task Force Recommended Screenings

➡️ 18:38 – 24:26 Why don’t we screen everyone for every cancer?
Individualizing Cancer Screening in Older Adults
Final Recommendation Statement – Testicular Cancer: Screening
Final Recommendation Statement – Ovarian Cancer: Screening

➡️ 24:51 – 27:30 Why do cancer screening guidelines keep changing?
What’s going on with mammography screening guidelines?

➡️ 27:31 – 29:47 Can you share some of the common questions, concerns and misunderstandings that come up in your practice?

➡️ 29:48 – 31:15 Recommended Resources

Cancer screening guidelines in the United States

Cancer screening guidelines in Canada

Mammograms in your 40s – shared decision making

Cancer screening harms

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