Nerdy Girls Live 04/12/24: Fact-checking science-based claims.

Data Literacy Videos

Those Nerdy Girls and FactCheck.org talk about fact-checking science-based claims.

Hosted by:
– Lori Robertson: Managing Editor at FactCheck.org (@factcheck.org)
– Chana Davis, PhD: Contributing Writer at Those Nerdy Girls (@thosenerdygirls)

➡️ 0:00 – 0:33 General welcome and intros
➡️ 0:34 – 2:21 Introduction to FactCheck.org
➡️ 2:22 – 3:46 Introduction to Those Nerdy Girls
➡️ 3:47 – 8:50 Fact-check: New COVID guidelines

Explaining the New CDC Guidance on What To Do if You Have COVID-19

➡️ 8:51 – 15:40 Fact-check: Vaccines Safety and VAERS

What VAERS Can and Can’t Do, and How Anti-Vaccination Groups Habitually Misuse Its Data

➡️ 15:42 – 18:17 Fact-check: mRNA Vaccines and Cancer

Social Media Posts Misinterpret Biden on mRNA Cancer Vaccines

COVID-19 Vaccines Have Not Been Shown to Alter DNA, Cause Cancer

➡️ 18:20 – 24:30 Fact-checking Tips
➡️ 24:32 – 27:46 How are Those Nerdy Girls boosting media/data literacy?

Those Nerdy Girls Data Literacy Archives

➡️ 27:50 – 29:02 How to stay in touch with FactCheck.org and SciCheck

➡️ 29:04 – 30:01 How to stay in touch with Those Nerdy Girls

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