It’s National Nurses Week!

Women in STEM

Nurses have been vital to the spirit and operations of Those Nerdy Girls since the beginning. Our style of empathetic and trustworthy science communication is inspired by the therapeutic communcation approach of nursing.

We are SO grateful to the nurses everywhere delivering their vital care, this week and EVERY week.

Our CEO Dr. Ashely Ritter (APRN, PhD) is a geriatric nurse practitioner who helps people with complicated medical and social needs make a personalized plan for continued care. Her TNG leadership certainly uses those core nursing skills of bringing order to chaos!

Read more about Ashley here.

Nerdy Girl Dr. Aparna Kumar is a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PhD CRNP MPH) and researcher specializing in child, adolescent, and women’s mental health. Besides helping to lead our Spanish-language page Las Nerdy Girls, Aparna writes A LOT of our mental health content that you have come to know and love.

Read more about Aparna here.

Dr. Stephanie Edmonds (Phd, MPH, RN) is a Nurse Scientist at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and co-host of the Woman Centered Health Podcast. Stephanie is a member of our new Reproductive Health Squad.

Read more about Stephanie here.

Mary Kathleen Haber, FNP-C, IBCLC, is also a valuable member of our new Reproductive Health Squad. Mary Kathleen is certified family nurse practitioner and an international board certified lactation consultant with special interest in substance use disorder treatment, chronic pain management, sexual health, harm reduction, and reproductive health.

Read more about Mary Kathleen here.

Those Nerdy Girls even wrote their first academic publication together about “Nurses as key partners in fighting the COVID‐19 infodemic.”

Read more about our nursing-inspired approach to therapeutic communication. A therapeutic relationship means “meeting individuals where they are, physically and psychologically, to navigate health and wellness comprehension and action.”

Read the full paper here!

Now go thank a nurse in your life, TODAY!


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