It’s National News Literacy Week.

Data Literacy Uncertainty and Misinformation

🌟It’s National News Literacy Week!🌟

This annual event highlights the importance of news literacy and provides tools for being more savvy consumers (and sharers!) of news and other information. See more info about the week’s events co-hosted by The The News Literacy Project and E.W. Scripps Company (many of which are virtual and free) here: https://newslit.org/news-literacy-week/

Those Nerdy Girls are big fans of The News Literacy Project and not just this week, but all throughout the year because of all the fabulous resources they have made available for everyone and specifically for educators. Here are a few to check-out!

🔵 Rumorguard

Rumorguard is a free e-learning platform that offers examples of misinformation, helps people learn how to assess the credibility of information and sources, and gain confidence to push back against misinformation when they see it online. And…for all you Swifties , you will like this example.

🔵 Checkology

Checkology is a free e-learning platform that offers interactive lessons led by journalists and other experts on topics including news media bias, misinformation, conspiratorial thinking and develops skills in identifying credible information, finding reliable sources, and applying critical thinking skills to separate fact from fiction. Content is available for educators, students, and independent learners.

🔵 NewsLitNation

NewsLitNation is a national community of educators that have come together to collaborate and share best practices in teaching news literacy and membership provides exclusive access to events and classroom resources. If you are someone that wants to include news literacy in your curriculum, become a member (for free) now and start getting their monthly newsletter and other support!

Visit the News Literacy Project to learn more about these resources (as well as others) and scope out events scheduled for this week!

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