What should I do if I lose my COVID vaccination card?


With Pfizer boosters now approved for certain groups in the U.S., this question has been popping up in our Question Box on the Dear Pandemic website.

Some tips! (for U.S. residents)

💉 What if I got my shot at a pharmacy? Contact the provider who gave you the shot. Most vaccine providers do keep a record and can provide you with a new card.

⚕️ What if I got my shot at a mass vaccination site that is no longer open? Contact your state’s health department. You can call or visit them online and will likely have to fill out an authorization or consent form to receive your records. Some will provide an actual replacement card and others a printed record of your immunizations. This could take up to several weeks in some cases. Link to CDC list of immunization information systems for all 50 states

👩‍⚕️ What if I got my shot at my doctor’s office or other health clinic? Contact them directly as they should have a record of your shot. Although they may not be able to provide you with a replacement vaccination card, they can give you a printout of your vaccination history.

📷 Once you’ve gotten your new vaccination card, be sure to save a back-up. This can be done by taking a picture with your phone. You may also want to upload that picture to some sort of cloud storage where it will be accessible even if you don’t have your phone. Another way is to make a physical copy of it and store it wherever you keep your other important papers.

⚠️ Do not fall for fake vaccination cards available online that you can fill in yourself. This is illegal and is committing fraud, which could end in fines or even jail time.

⚠️ Although laminating your card may seem like a good idea, this prevents future shots from being recorded on it so best not to laminate.

Stay safe. Stay sane. Get vaccinated.

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