Is sex dead??

Mental Health

A: With the extra household duties, the zoom fatigue, the existential anxieties, the sadness all around us….it is no wonder that many of us may not be feeling remotely in the mood for sex. Whether you are partnered or not, COVID-19 can be an extremely isolating & lonely time.

First of all, we know that the pandemic is making it much harder to meet people. Even when folks can connect over dating apps or virtual introductions, in-person meet ups might be risky. Intimacy from afar is certainly not impossible by any means, but some folks may not feel comfortable getting intimate with a new partner over phone or video without meeting in-person first. ⁠

What about couples that live together? Even though you’re seeing each other *ALL THE TIME* and are physically close, it turns out that you may not feel super into sex right now. As stated by Alyssa Shelasky in a July 9th piece in the New York Times titled ‘Is Sex Dead for Parents?’: “people are simultaneously trying to keep their jobs alive, and their kids alive, and their parents alive, while privately being very scared, and quite sad.” This can be true whether you have kids or not. And it is completely valid. ⁠

Unfortunately, some of the usual go-to’s for starting or spicing up a relationship like going out on dates or on mini-adventures might also be out of the question right now. There are a few potential COVID work-arounds. You could try spending purposeful time together, like taking a long walk together into a part of your city or neighborhood you haven’t explored before, finding a hiking trail or nature reserve nearby, going on a picnic, or looking into couple’s tele-therapy.

Whatever solace this may offer, know that you are not alone, and there are millions of others out there experiencing similar emotions ❤️

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