Is it safe to start seeing friends indoors?

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A: Not yet.

While there are ways to minimize risks when indoors (increasing ventilation with outdoor air by opening windows or circulating air/using a high quality air filter/minimizing length of indoor interaction), experts still agree that the outdoors are where we should be.

This point is very much emphasized in a recent preprint. TL; DR: We previously knew that some viral components were found in air samples from patient spaces within hospitals. This new study showed that the virus could be isolated in air samples from patient spaces (and even in cases where no risky procedures were being performed). The point: The virus can linger indoors. And to some extent, experts believe that this is less likely in outdoor environments where people can distance and air flow is increased. So, until we know more, meet with friends outside. And continue to remember to adhere to the SMART Principles: SPACE-Keep your distance from others (more than 6 feet is great), MASK-Wear a mask (yes even if outside), AIR-Ensure good airflow (Outdoor is better than indoor but still follow other precautions), RESTRICT-Limit your number of contacts (Because each person will have other potential contacts and sources of infection), Time-Limit the time (No matter if indoors or outdoors).

And for the young people in your life who want to see friends, we have a little video with Octopus and Turtle to illustrate why the outdoors are far better than the indoors.

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Stay safe. Stay sane. And stay outside!


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