Happy National Immunization Awareness Month!

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Vaccines are one of the greatest public health achievements of all time and August is the month to celebrate!

Vaccines do more than just protecting us from diseases (although that is pretty freaking great!). They also support a functional economy, keep kids in school and adults at work, reduce poverty, prevent disease outbreaks, improve health equity, and fight against antibiotic resistance.

The World Health Organization estimates that vaccines against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, flu, and measles prevent up to 5 million deaths every year. The CDC estimates that vaccinating kids born between 1994 and 2018 in the US alone prevents 419 million illnesses, 26.8 million hospitalizations, and 936,000 deaths. Vaccines really are a medical marvel!

This month let’s celebrate vaccines and spread the good word on why vaccines are important. Here are some things you can do:

🩺If you or someone you know isn’t fully vaccinated, it’s not too late! Talk with your primary care clinician to answer any questions you might have. If you don’t have a PCP, vaccines are available at community health centers and health departments as well.

📣Advocate for vaccines and vaccine equity. Check out the Immunization Agenda 2030 for what the WHO, UNICEF, and other partners are doing to address vaccine inequities.

👉Speak out against misinformation and steer people to good resources on vaccination safety and efficacy. Listen to people’s concerns and address them with empathy.

🗣Talk to kids early and often about why vaccines are important. Here are some strategies to talk with kiddos and help them feel ready for vaccines.

‍⚗️Learn about how vaccines work. They are really cool science. The American Academy of Pediatrics has a good primer and video about vaccines.

🤓Ask us Nerdy Girls your vaccine questions! Submit your questions to our Question Box.

Stay safe. Stay well. Go Vaccines!

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