I live a simple life. I don’t go to dance clubs or bars. If we practice social distancing, will it be okay to return to church? I miss being with other people.

Socializing Staying Safe

A: I understand. This is hard. Unfortunately, any activity (e.g., grocery store, church, birthday party) where you are in an enclosed space with a group of people poses a risk. Being outdoors and keeping interactions brief likely minimizes this risk.

Take this recent CDC report of a 61-person choir that met for 2.5 hours on March 10, 2020 in Washington State. One symptomatic COVID-19 case spread to 53 (confirmed and probable) fellow choir members. Sadly, two of the singers died. While choir practice is not full of physical contact, the singers were sitting close to each other, sharing snacks, and stacking chairs together. It’s possible that the act of singing itself may increase transmission.

BOTTOM LINE: Avoid group gatherings, even those with no physical contact. Maintain at least 6 feet of distance between people (easier to do when outdoors). Wear a mask when in public places. Regularly wash your hands.

Also, let’s stick to virtual choirs for now.


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