How should I handle having a repair person in my home?

Families/Kids Staying Safe

A: Only have someone come in if it’s urgent and your family is well; call in advance to ask about protocols; give the repair person some space; and clean up after.

1. If it’s not urgent, delay it–especially if there’s a lot of COVID in your area. And if someone in your household is sick, do NOT allow other people into your home.

2. Call the company in advance, and let them know that you’ll be expecting the service person to wear a mask and wash their hands. You can also ask questions about their protocols to keep their employees and customers safe.

“For your own protection and theirs, everyone in your family should also wear a mask for the duration of time they’re doing work in your house.”

3. Give the repair person some space! Move to a different room while they’re working.

4. And when they have finished, sanitize any surfaces they were in high contact with, just to be safe.

This helpful & practical article from NPR outlines what to do

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