There’s inevitably going to be some socializing this summer. How do I stay safe?

Families/Kids Reopening Socializing Staying Safe

Q: How do I tell my kids and my parents to stay safe?

A: Stay SMART!

Wow, these are some unusual times! Some of us are in the streets every day with large groups (see our recent posts on that), some of us haven’t left our homes in months.

But many of us are starting to navigate partially reopened counties, returns to work, and, probably, some plans to socialize the summer. Help!?!? How can we socialize while keeping ourselves and others safe from COVID-19?

The Dear Pandemic Nerdy Girls are delighted to partner with IMPACT to offer this handy infographic to help you remember 5 simple rules of thumb for reducing your COVID-19 transmission risk: Stay SMART!

S: SPACE — Keep your distance, 6ft. or more!

M: MASK — Keep it on! #masksforall

A: AIR — Keep it fresh! Outside is best!

R: RESTRICT — Keep it small! Restrict socializing to a small and stable group of friends and family!

T: TIME — Keep it short! Less time together means less chance for virus spread.

We recognize that each of these rules presents its own challenges. Remember, the goal is harm reduction: Make choices along each of these dimensions that work for you and minimize risk to others.

We hope everyone has a happy summer. Stay SMART!

Please spread the word!

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