How do I know what is going on in my county/state in order to calibrate my activities and risk as things open up?

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A: “Covid Act Now” has put together a really useful website with COVID data and risk levels for all 50 states and 2100+ counties.

They use four key indicators for gauging risk:

1) Is COVID spreading? Are cases and deaths increasing?

2) Are we testing enough? Is COVID testing widespread enough to identify new cases?

3) Are our hospitals ready? Do hospitals have capacity to treat a surge of COVID hospitalizations?

4) Are we tracing fast enough? Are we finding and isolating most new cases before COVID spreads?

Built by a multidisciplinary team of “technologists”, epidemiologists and health experts, the model is open source with publicly available data, sources, and assumptions (see website).

A great example of open science and transparency for the greater good, a huge Nerdy Girl round of applause! 👏👏👏

Finally, if cases are growing in your state or county, more caution will be warranted as you measure up the risks and benefits of new activities and social contacts (as always in consideration of your personal and family level risks).

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