Where can I direct my energy to safely help my community at this challenging time?

Social and Racial Justice Staying Safe

A: Each of us has something valuable to contribute to our communities.

In this time of great uncertainty, volunteering can build unity for a common cause and provide a helpful outlet for the mixed bag of emotions. The Corporation for National and Community Service has compiled a thoughtful list of volunteer opportunities to keep you engaged in your community with safety a top priority. This website has a variety of links to connect you with regional opportunities to share your time, talents, and treasure.

Options include:

1- Cash donations to the nonprofit of your choosing

2- Donations of food and time to Food Banks

3- Meal and grocery delivery to vulnerable neighbors

4- Assist your local schools


6- Become a medical volunteer

7- Donate medical supplies and equipment

8- Build and maintain social networks with community members through conversation

9- Serve in local community efforts

10- Volunteer from home

Small acts of kindness make a huge difference, especially in difficult times.

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