How can I get my younger child/sibling to wear a mask?

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A: With lots of encouragement!

The Nerdy Girls have talked a lot about kids and transmission risks. And we hope that as more data comes out, we will know more about transmission dynamics in children. A few updated links here:


Stat News

In the meantime, many states require that children wear masks. We continue to recommend that children wear masks (based on the evidence that we have).

A few tips:
-Masks are only to be worn by children 2+
-For children with developmental concerns, masks may be difficult to use and some families are opting for face shields (see our previous post)
-Parent guidance should be consistent regarding masks (it is easier for children to follow a rule in all environments rather than in some only-however if alone/with siblings and outside away from people, parents may consider allowing a mask break)

General mask guidance:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

ABC News

Mask styles for kids:

Huffington Post


Video to help children understand mask wearing

And a few general tips in the flyer to encourage mask wearing!

We know that it is difficult to encourage adults to wear masks….. let alone children. But, children are surprisingly good at learning new things.

So go ahead and encourage those little ones to be germ busters!

Helpful tips to encourage kids to wear masks

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