Winter is coming… GO, GO, GO and get your updated COVID booster!


COVID activity is picking up in the United States and much of Europe.

We’ve heard from our own families that many people *think* they are up to date on boosters but actually haven’t gotten the updated (or “bivalent” booster).

If you got your previous boosters prior to September 2022 but none since, you are eligible for the updated (Omicron + original recipe) booster. If you had COVID-19 recently, you can wait 3-4 months for the updated booster since your antibodies will be high during the period immediately after infection.

Another winter COVID surge looks like it is coming. The updated booster is VERY effective at keeping people out of the hospital…and alive. This is true even for new variants. Despite these facts, only 37.5% of Americans age 65 or over have received their bivalent booster.

Talk to your loved ones, especially those over age 65, about whether they have had their updated booster. If you can, help them locate a booster dose here: https://www.vaccines.gov/

It’s important to use the tools we have to protect ourselves this winter, and the COVID vaccines are still a true miracle in that regard. GO GET YOURS!!


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