We hear so many excuses for why people haven’t gotten their flu shot!


⚠️ “The flu vaccine doesn’t work anyway.”

Yes! It does actually! Stop repeating this, it just isn’t true.

⚠️ “I think I already had flu back in August this year.”

No, you probably didn’t. There is little to no influenza activity in August. And, you’d know. That runny nose you had for 3 days was not the flu. People who have influenza are frequently so feverish, achey, and exhausted that they cannot get out of bed for 4-7 days.

⚠️“The one year I got a flu shot, I got the flu.”

Well, one year I got a flu shot and I got a flat tire the same week! Getting a flu shot physically cannot cause the flu, it’s impossible. Sorry to hear about your bad luck though.

⚠️ “I’m allergic to eggs.”

There are options for you, ask your clinician.

⚠️ “I’ve never gotten one before and I haven’t had the flu in years.”

This is like someone telling you that they never wear a seatbelt and they haven’t gotten into a car crash in years. Lucky you! Why wait until your luck runs out?

⚠️“My home remedy for the flu works great. I take zinc and vitamin C all season.” Great. Do that. I bet it works even better if you’ve had a flu shot.

So if you haven’t gotten your flu shot, STOP with the excuses and go get one today. They’re available on a walk-in basis at most pharmacies. There’s no excuse.

Flu Season is just started to ramp up, so NOW is the time!

Stay Safe, Stay Well.

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