How can we equip the next generation of Nerdy Girls to stop the spread of misinformation?

Uncertainty and Misinformation Women in STEM

A: Start building their scientific literacy skills now!

Below we share three super neat resources that can help kids (across a range of ages) learn about the scientific method, get introduced to careers in various scientific fields, and gain the skills needed to become savvy consumers (and sharers) of scientific information!

*Zoey and Sassafras*- a book series in which kids are encouraged to come up with a hypothesis and then think about ways to test it via fun, adorable stories involving a young girl named Zoey and her cat Sassafras. Each story also includes a kid-friendly glossary with definitions for scientific terms used!

Check out the books here.

*Science With Sophie*-an award-winning science comedy series for girls (and everyone) created by our very own Nerdy Friend, Sophie Shand. Sophie invites kids to investigate science in daily life by asking questions and trying experiments, while also laughing, singing, and having fun!

Check out her series here.

*CDC’s Nerd Academy*-a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curriculum focused on a fictional, novel, emerging respiratory disease (NERD) but based on data collected during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kids also learn about public health, epidemiology and other scientific careers!

Check out the program here.

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