Election Day Is Here!

Staying Safe

It’s Election Day in the US! Thank you to our wonderful Dear Pandemic community for joining us for a weekly series on voting – something near and dear to our Nerdy Girl hearts. To celebrate this important day, we wanted to re-share some of the key topics we’ve covered and remind you to VOTE if you haven’t already!

FIRST: Brush up on what you need to stay safe while voting. Wear your mask, pack your hand sanitizer, umbrella, water, and voter ID, get as much space around you as you can, and wash your hands thoroughly before and after. Take a look at last week’s post to make sure you have everything ready to go before you head out to your polling place.

SECOND: Protect yourself from misinformation and misleading stories by using Lindsey’s Laws: 1) demand evidence for outrageous claims, 2) seek out opposing viewpoints, and 3) focus on good info by using a “truth sandwich” to debunk anything false or misleading. For more on this, read up on using Lindsey’s Laws to fight misinformation in the political news cycle.

THIRD: Still undecided about voting at all? We encourage you to make your voice heard, particularly because voting for local, state, and federal officials has a lot to do with shaping the health of our communities. For more on why your vote is important, check out our September post.

We hope you all can exercise your right to vote safely and effectively, whether you did it already by mail or early voting, or if you’re heading to the voting booth today. Whatever your voting option, THANK YOU for participating in this important way to support public health.

Stay safe, stay sane,
Those Nerdy Girls

Election Protection

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