Does UV light kill the virus? Should I buy one of these UV sanitizing devices I keep seeing in my social media ads?

Infection and Spread Staying Safe

A: Certain types of UV light *might* be able to help sanitize surfaces and air, but it’s still early days.


UV light CANNOT kill the virus if the virus is already inside of the body.

Further, it’s not currently deemed safe to use so-called “UV sanitizers” on the body, because of damage to the skin or eyes, and potential links to cancer. UV-C light, the most effective at killing viruses, can give you a nasty sunburn within seconds.

Bottom line: Given the potential risks of UV light, stay away from UV products marketed for personal use.

Left to the professionals, this technology may prove safe and useful for sanitizing equipment, airplanes, and buses, but this is still TBD.

H/T to Nerdy Girl in spirit Prof. Emily Oster and her new evidence-based website, COVID-Explained. Dear Pandemic approved, check it out for more details!

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