Nerdy Girl Alex answers the question “Does getting an IUD hurt?”

Reproductive Health

A: Yes, either a lot or a little depending on your situation, but most people feel it’s totally worth it.

Getting an IUD is an awkward, uncomfortable sometimes painful and miserable experience, but the vast majority of people who get them say it was totally worth it. In a survey that I did with a colleague of mine at Cornell University years ago we found that 85% of people highly recommended this method to a friend despite having significant discomfort with insertion.

📊 See this link for the data from that study.

IUDs are the most effective forms of reversible contraception or birth control that we have available, and some types of IUDs can even make your periods less heavy or go away entirely.

💥So check them out. They are awesome!

You can watch a longer video on this by Dr. Alex Hall.

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