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In this live Q&A, Dr. Malia Jones and Dr. Lauren Hale will be tackling questions about vaccines, takeout food, daylight savings time, and the ways in which kids are (and are not) like vaccinated grandmas.

➡️ Welcome and Intros (0:00-0:55)

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➡️ Sleep and the effects of Daylight Saving Time on health (0:55-4:40)

➡️ Announcements (4:41-6:43)

➡️ Fomite transmission: need for washing clothes, showering, etc. after returning home from school/work (6:44-9:12)

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➡️ Efficacy statistics/rates explained (9:15-15:17)

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➡️ Safety of eating prepared foods from restaurants (15:20-17:39)

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➡️ Ways in which kids are (and are not) like vaccinated grandmas. (17:40-24:02)

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➡️ Ok to get COVID-19 vaccine if you’ve had reactions to flu shots in the past? (24:05-26:47)

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We will have live closed captioning and #ASL interpretation available during the Livestream, provided by Bridges for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. We’re so grateful for this opportunity to help us get the word out to more people who need reliable COVID info!

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