My diet consists of ice cream, bagel bites, and other processed foods. What’s up with these “Covid Cravings”?

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A: You are not alone!

Many people are flocking to different foods during this stressful time. Ice cream and processed foods are flying off the shelves. Here’s a few reasons why and how to keep the comfort eats in check.

– The brain responds positively to sugar in particular, releasing Dopamine which can make us feel good.

– Many of us consumed favorite foods in our childhood that were chocked with fat, sugar, and salt. The nostalgia of these “comfort foods” can provide solace in times of uncertainty.

– Coronavirus has disrupted all routines, including those around eating, resulting in different patterns of eating and food choices.


– Don’t forget fruits, veggies, and protein. The French fry and corn dog diet does not provide the nutrients needed for your body to thrive and will make it much harder to return to real pants.

– Moderation is key. We all want the whole half-gallon of ice cream washed down with a bag of potato chips but it’s best to get a bowl and monitor portion sizes.

– EXERCISE. Less physical activity paired with comfort eating is not a healthy long-term combo. Incorporate physical activity into your day.

– Try to maintain some routine around meals. Meals are a great time to bring households together to provide some structure in an uncertain world.

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