How do I celebrate Christmas with my religious community? It’s not negotiable. We will be celebrating.

Staying Safe

A: We liked this simple advice from another COVID info page by Your Friendly Neighborhood Epidemiologist to TAKE CARE:

T 🎄 Take holiday celebrations outside or online.

A 🎄 Avoid indoor gatherings.

K 🎄 Keep visits brief.

E 🎄 Explore creative ways to celebrate safety.

C 🎄 Cover your mouth and nose with a mask.

A 🎄 Avoid large (& small!) gatherings

R 🎄 Remain physically distanced

E 🎄 Every decision matters

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas or another of the winter spiritual holidays, this is great advice. Please TAKE CARE.

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{We also 💖 her gorgeous hand-drawn images, don’t you?}

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