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I suspect that my kids may have been exposed to COVID-19 at summer camp. What can I do to protect my family and my community from the risk of infection?

Families/Kids Staying Safe Testing and Contact Tracing

Thanks to guest author Dr. Katie Schenk (who recently picked up her kids at camp) for offering to write this post. It’s a great American summer tradition: sleepaway camp! Campfires, singing, sports, smores, and now… COVID-19? Despite best intentions and precautions, the BA.5 surge has already contributed to many COVID-19 outbreaks at summer camp. Camps Read more…

Dear Pandemic Live Q&A 07-08-22

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Those Nerdy Girls will answer questions about long COVID, outdoor transmission, rapid antigen testing, and more. Featuring: Amanda Simanek, PhD, MPH, DP Founding Member Chana Davis, PhD – DP Contributing Writer ➡️ Welcome, Intros, and chit chat (0:00-0:53) ➡️ Should I vaccinate my child against COVID-19? (0:54-3:39) Check out this link to the live Q&A Read more…

Why is my PCR test still positive if I’ve taken Paxlovid, isolated and have been asymptomatic for many days?

Testing and Contact Tracing

Constance from Astoria, NY asks: “I tested positive for COVID-19, took Paxlovid, and isolated for 12 days. My symptoms are gone. Why does my PCR test show I’m positive?” Great question, Constance! PCR tests are very sensitive, picking up even old fragments of viral RNA that may be leftover in your body but not capable Read more…

Dear Pandemic Live Q&A 06-06-22

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Live COVID Q&A with Those Nerdy Girls of Dear Pandemic Those Nerdy Girls answer your latest questions about COVID and beyond. This month’s topics include: * Monkeypox * Shingles & the shingles vaccine * The SIDS study that went viral * Variant-specific COVID vaccines There’s also a speed round with quick answers to common questions Read more…

Is it OK to use Flonase, allergy sprays, saline mist, or neti pots before I take a COVID-19 rapid test or will it change my results?

Infection and Spread Testing and Contact Tracing

The answer: There is no evidence that using a nose spray will alter your test results. TL; DR: The SARS CoV-2 rapid antigen tests (aka COVID-19 rapid tests) become positive if they find a lot of the protein that that comes from SARS CoV-2. It is not likely that allergy sprays would change the amount Read more…

With so many people using home tests (which mostly go unreported), how can we rely on COVID-19 data to understand community levels of transmission?

Data and Metrics Testing and Contact Tracing

A: With more people using home rapid tests interpreting local COVID-19 data does become murkier, but a useful addition is wastewater surveillance! TL; DR Keeping an eye on local wastewater surveillance can help round out understanding of community transmission as it doesn’t rely on testing or reporting of test results. ✳️Home testing is great because Read more…