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Dear Pandemic Live Q&A 11-21-22

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Those Nerdy Girls offer advice on staying well during a “triple threat” holiday season and insights into science denial – why it happens and how to navigate tricky conversations. Hosted by Those Nerdy Girls with: * Sara Gorman, PhD, MPH: Co-Founder of Critica, Author of Denying to the Grave & Contributing Writer at TNG *

¿Qué tan bien funcionan las pruebas rápidas de antígenos para detectar COVID-19? ¿Es suficiente una sola prueba de antígeno?

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Las pruebas rápidas de antígenos de COVID-19 detectan muy bien el virus SARS-CoV-2 cuando se usan en el momento adecuado, es decir, cuando los niveles virales son altos. La repetición de la prueba es una forma poderosa de detectar más infecciones por SARS-CoV-2 y reducir los falsos negativos (un falso negativo ocurre cuando el resultado

Can the COVID-19 vaccine or booster cause me to get a false positive COVID-19 test result?

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A: No. Totally impossible. TL; DR: COVID-19 tests detect presence of the actual virus, which is not contained in any COVID-19 vaccine, and the vaccines cannot cause a false positive result on these tests. COVID-19 vaccines *do not* contain any SARS-CoV-2 virus, they just teach our immune system to make antibodies against the *spike protein*