Can I get another COVID-19 bivalent booster?


Thanks to Oregon Health Authority for a concise answer to one of our most common current questions!

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Question: I had my bivalent COVID-19 vaccine (my 5th vaccine) in early September 2022, along with my flu shot. Since these vaccines wear off over time, will I be able to receive another COVID-19 and flu vaccine in 2023? If so, when? I am a senior with health issues.

Answer: Regarding flu vaccination, just one dose is recommended for adults each season, and older persons and those at higher risk of severe disease should be vaccinated during September or October. Regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, it sounds like you have received all the shots that are authorized and recommended. The bivalent booster you received in September is one dose only, and you are unable to receive another one until federal health officials authorize it. Currently, we do not expect that to happen within the next few months, but it could. It is likely, however, that next fall, along with a new flu shot, additional COVID-19 vaccinations or boosters will be authorized.

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