Those Nerdy Girls’ CEO Ashley Ritter Elected to the College of Physicians of Philadelphia

Women in STEM

🏅Those Nerdy Girls are BURSTING with pride at the election of our amazing CEO Ashley Ritter to the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.

This induction honors Ashley for her COVID-19 outreach work with Those Nerdy Girls as well as her “day job” leading the embedded research department and Housing with Supportive Services program at the Philadelphia-based non-profit New Courtland.

From the press release:

“Founded in 1787, the College, home of the Mütter Museum, is a non-profit organization with the mission of “advancing the cause of health while upholding the ideals and heritage of medicine.” Biannually in the fall and spring, the College announces the induction of new members to its prestigious Fellowship program.”

“The inductees were inaugurated on the evening of Friday, November 18, when they signed their names into the College’s historical register alongside renowned former Fellows, including: U.S. Founding Father Benjamin Rush, former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, and Thomas Dent Mütter, who bequeathed his pathological collection to create the famous museum in his name.”

“College Fellows support and advise a number of projects relating to the medical humanities, including: The widely popular Mütter Museum; Historical Medical Library; globally recognized and award-winning project HistoryofVaccines.org; and several youth programs to assist Philadelphia high school students in achieving successful careers in STEM.”

Find more info here.

Ashley is especially proud to represent Nurses in this esteemed group. Read more about Ashley’s back story in her Meet Those Nerdy Girls profile.

Huge congrats to Ashley. We are SO proud!!! 🙌💪👏

(Ashley is bottom row, second from right in that dress as sparkly as she is.)

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