What activities can we do safely and which are better to avoid this summer?

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A: With some modifications, there are opportunities to have some fun this summer. Promise.

Risk happens on a continuum with all events outside your home carrying some level of risk. Some activities carry higher risks than others. It’s best to choose lower risk activities to limit transmission of the virus within your community and beyond.

Outdoor activities are better than indoor.

Small groups are better than big groups.

Maintaining social distance is (way) better than close contacts.

Sticking local is better than traveling long distances.

Repeated exposure with the same people is better than interactions with many different people.

Think about what outdoor opportunities await locally where you have a pulse on community spread. Perhaps visit that local park you haven’t seen in years or plan a picnic with friends. You might want to buy a great hat as haircuts are still pretty risky.

This nice article from NPR provides a list of common activities and explains the associated risks.

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