SO many reflections on the TWO YEAR anniversary of Dear Pandemic from Those Nerdy Girls.


In a moment of crisis, a team of female scientists built and sustained a public health communication platform while maintaining their day jobs and tending to family and friends during a global pandemic.

We have written over 2,000 posts and connected with over 200,000 followers. We have done this all with a volunteer staff for 2 years. I am SO PROUD of the dedicated and brilliant colleagues I have “met” (fun fact: most of us have never actually met in person) on the Dear Pandemic team.

That moment of crisis just won’t give it up. We didn’t plan on talking about COVID-19 for 2 years. But here we are, as dedicated as ever to contributing practical, data-based content to our amazing community of readers. Science communication is part message and part messenger. Those Nerdy Girls are committed to recruiting scientists and delivering timely and factual content in formats that YOU can share within your trusted networks. YOU, our readers, are the best messenger within the communities where you work, live, and play. We have your back.

Today, we celebrate this unbelievable team and our amazing readers while also recognizing the mountains we face as a society moving forward: misinformation, public health threats, fractured trust. Those Nerdy Girls will keep on keeping on along side your efforts to share this content with the people who matter most to you.

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We won’t have cake or balloons to commemorate this complicated milestone. Instead, we share a pat on the back to all for making it through two intense years. AND….we got ourselves a new logo.

Thanks for sticking with us. We aren’t going anywhere.

Those Nerdy Girls




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