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Q from Ellen from NYC: What do we do when college-age children come home at Thanksgiving? Should they come home?

Families/Kids Staying Safe Travel

A: “Come Home and Stay Home” or “Don’t Come Home” are your best options. Coming home just for the Thanksgiving holiday and then returning to campus is *not* a good plan. Thanks to Ellen for voicing a common concern. Back in August, the big question for college kids was how they could return to campus Read more…

What steps should families who want to visit relatives who are older and/or more vulnerable to complications of COVID-19 take to protect their loved ones?

Families/Kids Infection and Spread Staying Safe Travel

A: We all miss our families (yes, us too!) and while navigating how to keep loved ones safe can feel overwhelming, the Nerdy Girls are here to help you make the best decisions possible based on the best information available! Luckily there are some key things (as highlighted in the NPR article below) you can Read more…

We are vacationing with another family in a shared rental house in July.

Families/Kids Socializing Travel

We wipe down our groceries. They don’t. We wear masks whenever we’re outside. They don’t. How is this going to work? I really need this to be a relaxing break for everyone but I’m already stressed. A: Oh, we hear you! Several Nerdy Girls are negotiating similar arrangements this summer. To help make this smooth Read more…

Why the heck are COVID-19 researchers so obsessed with cruise ships?

Infection and Spread Travel

A: Two words: SILENT INFECTION. Specifically, cruise ships that were out-to-sea during the emergence of the pandemic provided a unique setting to compute a complete count of people “at risk” of becoming infected and a complete count of people who ultimately become infected. These complete counts allowed scientists to calculate the presence of SILENT INFECTION Read more…

I gotta go! And a public bathroom is the only option. How do I stay safe?

Infection and Spread Staying Safe Travel

A(short): Public bathrooms aren’t exactly paragons of cleanliness and sanitization even in the best of times, and pose additional public health challenges during the pandemic. But you can reduce your risk by WASHING THE HECK OUT OF YOUR HANDS, wearing a mask, and avoiding touching surfaces as much as possible. And please don’t be scared, Read more…

I need to make an essential trip on public transportation. How do I stay safe?

Staying Safe Travel

A: Cover your face; use a disposable tissue to touch shared surfaces; immediately sanitize/wash hands after riding. Business Insider provides more helpful, evidence-based transit (public and otherwise) tips in this article. It ranks transportation from “most” to “least” risky (the former: cruise ships; the latter: traveling alone by car), and provides guidance on how to Read more…