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What might socializing look like when shelter-in-place orders are lifted?

Reopening Socializing

A: Social distancing will remain important when shelter-in-place orders are lifted. For many regions, the elements needed to reopen society have not yet been achieved: declining rates of infection, adequate testing supply, and the ability to trace the contacts of new infections to appropriately isolate and treat. When shelter-in-place orders are lifted, restructuring social networks Read more…

Is my online shopping for non-essential items supporting the economy or putting people at risk?

Reopening Staying Safe

A: Probably a bit of both. Online shopping for non-essential items may help maintain employment for some while blunting the financial losses many companies are facing. At the same time, unsafe practices and reliance on mail delivery place many workers at higher risk of contracting COVID-19. Here are some tips, and a great article by Read more…

How do we best protect front-line physicians when society reopens?

Reopening Testing and Contact Tracing

A: A relentless focus on the three “Ts” — TEST, TRACE, and TREAT. (And, for all that is good and holy, more PPE). The Nerdy Girls are proud supporters of the amazing physician leaders at Impact, authors of this U.S. News and World Report article. cc: Vinny Arora Eve Bloomgarden Pfanzelter Laura Zimmermann Shikha Jain Kumar Amisha Wallia Link Read more…

When will we go back to normal?


A: “There is no going back (to normal). The only way out is through.” This Atlantic article summarizes key steps as the United States enters the next phases of this pandemic. 1) Reopening – We are currently in lockdown (in most places) which was the last line of defense in slowing the spread of the Read more…

When can we restart society?


A: Leading experts suggest four guideposts: (1) We see a sustained 14 day decrease in cases; (2) Our health care system can handle the existing load; (3) We can test at least everyone who has symptoms; (4) We can trace confirmed cases and their close contacts. Different geographies will reach these milestones at different times. Read more…